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Where to sell your stuff online for free without fees.

Many websites charge you a heavy fee ranging from 5-10% of sale price.  This can really take away your profit.  If you look hard enough there are places to sell your stuff online for free.

Depending on what you're trying to sell:

Cars limit you to 1 photo for 45 days  



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List of website to sell your car and their standard fees. One of the largest automotive website on the internet.  Cars can be search in many categories.
Free- 45 days with 1 photos
$15- 45 days with free renewal and 9 photos
$40- 60 days with free renewal and 12 photos. is the largest classified automotive site in the United States. inventory can currently be found at,, and many other online automotive sites. is currently the largest such site in the United States, based on ad volume.
Standard $25- 3 weeks
Enhanced $50- 8 weeks
Deluxe $80- Run till it sells- Money Back Guarantee - Ebay has its own section of cars marketplace.  You can sell your car worldwide with ebay.  Although the fees are very high but you can get more exposure and potential buyers.  Please be advise that you must research about selling cars on ebay before you proceed.
Basic fees
You may have to pay an insertion fee and a successful listing fee to list a vehicle on eBay Motors. Other fees such as PayPal fees and optional listing upgrade fees may also apply.
You may be charged a successful listing fee if:
  • you receive a bid on an auction-style listing without a reserve price
  • you receive a bid that meets your reserve price on an auction-style listing with a reserve price
  • a buyer clicks Buy It Now in a listing offering a fixed price
  • you accept an offer from the buyer through the Best Offer feature
The amount of the successful listing fee depends on the final bid amount, as shown in the tables below. For listings ending with Buy It Now, the final bid amount is the Buy It Now price. For listings ending with acceptance of a Best Offer, the final bid amount is the Best Offer price.
There's no additional fee charged on the actual sale of the car after the vehicle sells. However, you'll be charged a successful listing fee regardless of whether you carry out the sale with the buyer.
Vehicles: fees for low-volume sellers (1 to 6 listings in a calendar year) *
CategoryInsertion feeSuccessful listing fee
Final bid amount: $2000 or lessFinal bid amount: $2000.01 or more
Cars & Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks$0.00$60.00$125.00
Motorcycles, Powersports, Trailers and Boats$0.00$60.00$125.00
Powersports under 50cc$0.00$10.00$10.00
All other vehicles$0.00$60.00$125.00
*A calendar year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31.
Each time you submit a listing or relist an item, it counts as 1 listing.
You're eligible for the pricing above if you've submitted 6 or fewer listings in each of the previous calendar years. When you've submitted 7 or more listings in a single calendar year, you're considered a high-volume seller. Once you become a high-volume seller, you're permanently a high-volume seller and high-volume seller fees apply.
  • Seller A has never listed on eBay Motors. He lists 2 cars between January 1 and July 30. One car does not sell, so he relists it. It does not sell again, so he relists it a second time. When the next calendar year starts on January 1, Seller A will have a history of 4 listings, and will be eligible for the fees available to low-volume sellers.
  • Seller B has also never listed on eBay Motors. He lists 6 different cars between January 1 and November 30. He is charged zero insertion fees for these cars. When he lists another car on December 15, he's no longer considered a low-volume seller and fees for high-volume sellers apply because he has more than 6 listings in a calendar year. When the next calendar year starts on January 1, he'll be considered a high-volume seller and will be charged insertion fees to list. - A new second hand online marketplace where you showcase your car with videos instead of just plain photos.  With video you can give your buyers more confidence and trust which brings you more leads and potential buyers.  Users love watching video listing of cars online.  123exchanges can provide buyer a huge advantage of time saving by watching video instead of traveling to many places to check out a car.
Fees- 100% free.  You can list as much cars as you want with no cost.
Craigslist- Many people love listing their cars on craigslist because they're free in most states plus the site is very easy to search.  Craigslist is mostly built on plain text so the site runs very fast and the site has big traffic numbers.  If you looking to sell a car quick craigslist is a great place to start.  The only bad thing is there are alot of scammers on craigslist.  So beware and don't deal with people who ask you to wire or transfer money.  It's best to meet up the person face to face and conduct a trade.
Fees- Free for most states and cities.
$25 for some big cities.
CarMax-  CarMax is one of the largest used cars retailer in America.  It is a great place to sell your car if you're looking to trade in or in need for quick cash.  They do give you a very low offer but the process is very simple.  Bring the car to them, they'll appraise it and if you like the offer they'll write you a check.  I would not recommend to sell your car with CarMax unless you need quick cash.  You can definitely earn thousands more selling to a private owner.
Fees: They'll appraise your car and give you an offer.  If accepted you'll get a check from them right away.
Just make sure you do some research before selling your car online.  Try to provide good description and most importantly be honest.  Best of luck to you.


Top 10 classified websites to sell your stuff for free.

Looking for places to sell your stuff for free?  Don’t pay selling or listing fees.  You should be able to sell your stuff on these websites unless you’re selling it above market value.
Here is a list of the top ten websites where you can sell almost anything.
  1. A place where you can buy and sell with videos.  The future of classified ads.
  2. simplest way to sell your stuff
  3. Social classified ads.  Great and fast if you have a facebook account
  4. Great for personals- seeking a mate
  5. Where buyers meet sellers
  6. own by ebay, if you like ebay you’ll like Kijiji
  7. The domain says it all
  8. – not much exposure
  9.  recycle your stuff
  10. walmart version of free classified

Should Used Car Salesmen Make Video Listings to Sell Used Cars?

Most of us have been through that stage before, needing to buy a car, but new ones cost too much more expensive when compared to used ones. A lot of used cars in the market now are as good as their new counterparts, especially those with low mileage. But during those times when considering which used car to buy, there is this doubt inside of us, wondering whether the car shortlisted will have faults or problems that the seller did not mentioned. The fear that maybe the pictures they had shown did not show the cars faults, like scratches and dents, or fear that the picture shown is not the car being sold entirely. So, this brings us to the question. Do video listings of the used cars prove to be more useful?

Video listings do have its advantages, both for the seller and the buyer. For the buyer, video listings can show a 360o view of the car and show footage of the car's every nook and cranny. The footage can also record the sound of the engine noise. The engine noise can be analyzed by mechanics to show how many pistons are still running and the mechanics can hear whether the engine is well maintained by the previous owner. The footage can also show whether the electronics inside the car are still working, for example, the stereo, air conditioning, wipers and the lights on the dashboard. This in turn can increase the buyers' confidence in the car's condition and will decrease their doubt, resulting in less travelling time and cost needed to view the cars in person to judge the car. However, even if the video uploaded by the seller is really good, going to the seller personally and judging the car in person is still recommended. Another advantage for the buyers is that video editing is much harder when compared to picture editing since every second of a video consists of 30 different pictures. So less edited videos will be uploaded and more salesmen can be trusted.

Video listings of used cars also pose advantages for salesmen. The buyers are more likely to view at uploaded videos of the cars instead of the photos for the advantages mentioned above. The more confident the buyer is about your product, the more likely he/she is going to buy the product. By posting videos, there will be less people coming over to see the car, and the less busy the car salesmen will be. The salesmen will also be able to add in commentary of the cars they are selling and explain the causes of the flaws of the car. The salesmen can also sound more interesting and friendlier, so when buyers listen to their voices, they won't feel intimidated to come over in person to seal the deal. Video listings also enable the salesmen to advertise on more websites that hosts videos like YouTube.
Even though video listings take a longer time to make and upload, and buyers will be able to browse at fewer cars at the same amount of time, buying a car is not a small matter for the majority of the society. If making video listings increases the chances of a successful deal being made, it will be worth the effort making and viewing them. So, in conclusion, making video listings will be much more beneficial to both the seller and buyer when compared to just photos.

Anna Peacocks- About the Author
Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. If you are looking for the new marketing idea, you might want to check out for video advertising.


The Right Way To Sell Your Car In 7 Easy Steps

*Image from
Here are the 7 steps I usually take to sell my used cars.
Step 1:  Clean interior and exterior of your car
First of all you must give your car a nice car wash and clean every square inch of your car inside out.  This can take up to hours but it will increase the chance of success and value of your car.  Plus make sure your car smells good before you show it to anyone.  Bad odor or smoke's smell can turn a potential buyer off.  Don't forget to pop your hood and clean the surroundings of your engine.  You want your engine to look clean as possible.
Step 2: Determine the condition of your car
After a nice shower, you can then determine if your car is in fair, good, very good, or excellent condition.
Here is how determine your car's condition:
3% of all cars we value meet this criteria. This car looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition. It has never had paint or bodywork and has an interior and body free of wear and visible defects. The car is rust-free and does not need reconditioning. Its clean engine compartment is free of fluid leaks. It also has a clean title history, has complete and verifiable service records and will pass safety and smog inspection.
Very Good:
23% of all cars we value meet this criteria. This car has minor wear or visible defects on the body and interior but is in excellent mechanical condition, requiring only minimal reconditioning. It has little to no paint and bodywork and is free of rust. Its clean engine compartment is free of fluid leaks. The tires match and have 75% or more of tread. It also has a clean title history, with most service records available, and will pass safety and smog inspection.

54% of all cars we value meet this criteria. This car is free of major mechanical problems but may need some reconditioning. Its paint and bodywork may require minor touch-ups, with repairable cosmetic defects, and its engine compartment may have minor leaks. There are minor body scratches or dings and minor interior blemishes, but no rust. The tires match and have 50% or more of tread. It also has a clean title history, with some service records available, and will pass safety and smog inspection.
18% of all cars we value meet this criteria. This car has some mechanical or cosmetic defects and needs servicing, but is still in safe running condition and has a clean title history. The paint, body and/or interior may need professional servicing. The tires may need replacing and there may be some repairable rust damage.

That's KBB guidelines.  My guideline is a little different and more simple.
Excellent:  I only consider a car to be in excellent condition if they're year 2007+ with less than 50k miles.  The reason why is because at 60k miles most cars require some sort of maintenance that can cost over $500.  I would not consider a car in excellent condition if I have to pay at least $500 anytime soon.
Very Good:  If your car has 50-90k miles, you may consider your car in very good condition if you have done all the require maintenance at the dealer only.  I usually prefer dealer parts over aftermarket because they tend to last longer.
Good: Anything over 90k+ miles, the best condition it can be in is good.  Car parts tend to get old and break down at around 100k miles.  Which eventually will cost you at least couple hundreds of dollars to fix (unless you're driving a Toyota or Honda :).
Fair:  If you car runs but shakes, makes noises, needs new tires, needs paint job or body is banged up your car is for sure in fair condition.  So please don't list your car in very good or excellent condition if you have any of these problems.
Step 3: Determine the value of your car
Now you need to determine the value of your car.  I usually use or  Select your car year, make, model, option then select private party value.  Here you will know how much you car is worth.
Step 4: Take detailed pictures or a video of your car
Take at least 8 pictures of your car from the exterior and interior.  I prefer recording a video of your car instead because a video is the best way to showcase a product online.  You can save time from buyers asking for more pictures and questions.  Please be honest and take pictures of the bad things about your car too.  This can save you time presenting your car to buyers.  You don't want someone to come and take a look at your car and then realize your car is not worth buying at first.
Step 5: List your car online and know the price you should list it for
There are websites where you can list your car online for free including:,,, or if you have a video you can list it on  Make sure you put all the detailed description of your car in the listing.  This can save you time from buyers calling or emailing you asking too much questions.  These are the mandatory things you need in your listings:
Year, Make Model, Engine Type, Mileage, Asking Price, Auto or Manual, % of tires thread left, Accident history, pictures or video of your car, contact number or how you would like to be contacted, any maintenance the car needs and any problems the car currently has.  You should list your car price based on the private party condition it is in.  If  your car is in good condition, list it in good condition and expect someone to pay somewhere between fair and good for your car.
If your car is below $10,000- expect to sell your car within $1,000 asking price range.  So you should list it at least $500 more from the amount you want to sell it for.
If  you car is over $10,000 - expect to sell your car within $2,000 asking price range.  So you should list it at least $1000 from what you want to sell it for.
The reason why is because not many people have more than 10,000 cash to buy your car.  Cars that are value over 10,000 are harder to sell nowadays.  Which mean you will get less # of offers.  It's simple supply and demand.  More offers, you can sell your car for alot more.
I also noticed that fuel efficient cars are easier to sell and sometimes for even more than what it is worth (ex. Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Prius, etc).   Gas is expensive now and everyone is trying to save every penny they can.
Step 6: Show  your cars to potential buyers
Now you get to show off your clean car to potential buyers.  Do not accept phone offers.  These are people who are typically not serious in buying your car.  Only deal with people who actually met with you and took a look at the car.  Those are your serious buyers.

Step 7: Sign the Bill of Sale
Find the right buyer and let your baby go.  After you both agree with the price and terms, sign the car bill of sale and collect the money.

I might have forgotten some important things.  Please contribute.  Thanks guys!

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Buying and selling online with video on

Since YouTube was born until now, online video has become an indispensable part for internet users in the areas of entertainment, news, education, etc. But there is one area where online video has not been used to its max, which is e-commerce. So what are the benefits that video e-commerce will bring to seller and buyer?

+ Sellers: Don't have to waste time taking a lot of pictures and writing description, now video will allow buyers to visualize the products. Sellers can record video and use their voice to read the description with details or flaws about the product. With a car, a 2 minute video can describe all the details from your vehicle, interior, body, scratches and dents.

+ Buyers: Enjoy the comfort of watching a television program about introducing products and not have to strain your eyes to read the long description lines. You can see more angles of the product rather than just a few picture.  Buyers will save time traveling to many places to look at many different products instead they can do it on their computer or iphone is a place where sellers and buyers can enjoy all the above experiences.

Shopvido homepage

In the details page about a product on, video on the left, the lower button is the share button so you can share to your friends on social networks. You can contact the seller using the "Contact Seller" or the "Let's Exchange" when you want to exchange your items with other items.  In the figure below is a product sold in the form of a local transaciton.  

Watch a video about a product on shopvido

The seller can also upgrade their account to a Merchant Shop to have online payment function through Paypal. When upgrade to Merchant Shop, you'll have a video store with domain, other members can follow your shop and get updates every time you list a new products. Currently upgrading to Merchant Shop on shopvido is completely free.  

Screen shot of a Merchant Shop on

Products of a Merchant Shop have online payment function through Paypal and you can make an offer.

Sell ​​a product on is also very simple, you just need to sign up for an account (It’s FREE), prepare video about your product and post up to shopvido. After uploading the video, you will update the product information such as product name, price, contact ... Video and product information will be uploaded to youtube so Youtube users can search and find your product.   One important thing is that youtube is a project of google, so google search engine will easily find your video, get you more sales opportunities. Shopvido is also have embed function for the case you already have a video on youtube.

Post a new product

Update information after uploaded or embed video.

You can use the video record equipment such as cameras, phones, webcams for video recording. If you are using iphone, ipad, ipod, you can download free Shopvido App here:

Shopvido App will help you record video about your products and post straight up onto Very fast and easy to use.

Shopvido App will also allow you to browse and find products you want to buy directly from your iphone.  

Shopvido App user interface

In addition to sales by video, is also support customers create slideshow with images of their product. You can upload pictures, select transition effects and music to help your product to be more impressive.

Create a slideshow on shopvido

A product with slideshow on

In your private page, you can manage everything related to your account, such as: products, messages, orders, profile ...

Private page on shopvido

Currently, having promotion "Get A Free Starbucks Coffee". You can get a free 5$ eGift for you or your friend when post 3 products onto Shopvido (Only for user in USA). You can click here for more detail: